What we do

The three key drivers of Byron’s success are:

  1. Consumer market driven innovation
  2. Client support & reliability of service and,
  3. Expertise through Byron’s key people.

Byron researches and develops innovative solutions for a broad range of food processing and manufacturing industries. These Technologies are then licensed to Clients for Manufacture and Marketing. Byron maintains a wide range of patented food technologies ready for licensing as well as creating  solutions for special R&D projects for our Clients.

Forming a Strategic Partnership with our Clients allows Byron continually to assist Clients in commercialisation of its products and technologies. This unique relationship enables companies to bring new products to the market smoothly and speedily.

Many Client companies consider and use Byron as an outsource R&D Facility for developing focused and specialised innovations. For the Client, this not only lowers the risk and costs of R&D, and increases the creativity around the problem solving, but allows the Client to concentrate on its core business whether that be manufacturing or marketing.

Working closely with Clients from the first stage of preliminary discussions right through to commercialization of the technology concepts, Byron assists not only with the licensing process, IP maintenance, and technology transfer but also helps Clients in all aspects to successfully bring to market Byron’s Technologies. Byron’s R&D and Business support continues throughout the life of the License.

With an impressive portfolio of successful scale-up and full manufacturing success stories of Byron food technologies around the world, Byron continues actively to place its new and existing processes and products into production with Licensees. Byron leverages the technology for strategic benefit and profitable commercialisation for Clients.

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