Expertise + Innovation + Service = Our Recipe for Success
Researching natural, healthy, food solutions
Who we are

Byron’s heritage dates back to the 1850’s with the development of one of Australia’s earliest ice-making plants to provide the gold fields with fresh fish. The business expanded into the next generation, developing into a company which was to become a household name, “Masterfoods”. In 1973, a new direction was taken to research and develop new food products and food processes.

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What we do

Byron researches and develops innovative solutions for a broad range of food processing and manufacturing industries. These Technologies are then licensed to Clients for Manufacture and Marketing. Byron maintains a wide range of patented food technologies ready for licensing as well as creating solutions for special R&D projects for our Clients.

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Experience and Success

Byron researches and develops innovative solutions to food processing and manufacturing problems. Our experienced R&D team allows your company to outsource R&D innovations, ensuring seamless delivery from concept to point-of-sale on your behalf.

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